Mad Madame - Juilette, Has A Gun [Inspired by]

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Unleash your inner rebellious spirit with Mad Madame, the fragrance that defies conventions and ignites a sense of audacious allure. Juliette has a Gun presents a scent that embodies fearless confidence, captivating those around you with its enigmatic charm. Mad Madame is a daring fusion of green notes and provocative spices, creating a scent that is both intoxicating and mysterious. As the fragrance unfolds, a sensual undertone emerges, captivating the senses with its seductive allure. With Mad Madame, embrace your unique edge and let your presence leave an indelible mark. Step into the realm of the unforgettable with a fragrance that speaks volumes without saying a word.


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Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Blackcurrant, Rose, Amber
    Middle Notes: Tuberose, Patchouli, Peony, Jasmine
    Base Notes: Castoreum, Tolu balsam, Vanilla, and Sensual white musk.


  • Bold: Mad Madame is a fragrance that embodies a daring and fearless nature, making it suitable for individuals seeking a bold and confident scent.

  • Green: This fragrance features prominent green notes, suggesting a fresh and invigorating character that appeals to those who enjoy nature-inspired scents.

  • Spicy: Mad Madame incorporates spicy elements that add an intriguing and alluring twist to its overall composition, making it a suitable tag for individuals looking for a fragrance with a hint of spice.

  • Mysterious: This tag highlights the enigmatic and captivating nature of Mad Madame, suggesting that it possesses an aura of mystery and intrigue.

  • Provocative: Mad Madame is a fragrance that provokes and stimulates the senses, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a scent that elicits a strong reaction.

  • Sensual: With its unique blend of notes, Mad Madame carries a sensual undertone that adds an element of seduction and allure to the fragrance.

  • Modern: Mad Madame represents a contemporary approach to fragrance, appealing to individuals who prefer innovative and unconventional scents.

  • Unisex: This tag suggests that Mad Madame can be enjoyed by both men and women, appealing to those who appreciate fragrances that transcend traditional gender boundaries.

  • Edgy: Mad Madame possesses an edgy and unconventional quality that sets it apart, making it a suitable tag for those seeking fragrances with a distinct and non-conformist character.

  • Unforgettable: Mad Madame leaves a lasting impression with its unique and captivating scent profile, making it a memorable fragrance that stands out from the crowd.