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"Auracle" is a unique fragrance company that leverages the concept of auras to help individuals discover their signature scent. Auras are often considered as energy fields or subtle emanations surrounding a person, and they are thought to be reflective of one's emotions, personality, and even their spiritual state. Auracle takes this mystical and metaphysical concept and applies it to the world of fragrances.

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Here's how Auracle works:

Auracle offers a unique fragrance experience through a three-step process. First, customers undergo aura analysis using a quiz. Second, this data informs a personalized fragrance profile, considering visual, sensorial, emotional, and energy aspects of the aura. Finally, based on this profile, Auracle can select a signature scent or curate a discovery kit aligned with the customer's aura, aimed at enhancing self-expression. This process integrates mysticism with fragrance customization, providing customers with a deeply personal fragrance journey.

  • Aura Analysis
  • Personalized Fragrance Profiling
  • Signature Scent Selection


Our mission at Auracle is to unlock the power of auras to create a truly personalized fragrance experience. We believe that scent is a powerful means of self-expression, and by analyzing your unique aura, we aim to craft a signature scent that aligns with your inner self and emotions. Ultimately, we want you to simply enjoy the world of fragrances as much as we do!


For newcomers to the world of fragrances, we aspire to introduce you to an entirely new realm of self-expression through scent, where you'll receive numerous compliments on your unique fragrance journey. And for the seasoned fragrance enthusiasts, we encourage you to elevate your expertise by exploring fresh scent combinations, experimenting with layers, and, naturally, being the most exquisitely fragrant presence in any room you enter! Ultimately, our vision is to make inspired-by fragrances transformative and an accessible reality for all."

Auracle Originals

Experience our limited edition collection of blended oils. These mesmerizing and addcitve scents will be randomly released during the year. Get them while the last because many Auracle originals will NEVER be recreated again.

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