Discovery Kits

Craft your own fragrance discovery kit from our extensive selection, comprising hundreds of distinguished scents from celebrated perfume houses. Select from classics inspired by Creed, Tom Ford, Kilian, Maison Margiela, and more, or forge your unique olfactory path by combining and layering scents that resonate with your individuality.
Creed [Inspired by] Discovery Kit

Creed [Inspired by] Discove...

$45.00 -87% $345.00
Prepare to embark on a fragrant voyage like no other, as we present to you the essence of opulence and sophistication. Welcome to the world of Creed, where the art of perfumery meets centuries-old tradition, and every scent is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered.
Kilian [Inspired by] Discovery Kit
Maison Margiela [Inspired by] Discovery Kit
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