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Embark on a sensory odyssey to the sun-drenched shores of Greece with "Ethos" by Auracle, a fragrance that encapsulates the very essence of ripe, sun-kissed figs and the luxuriant foliage of a Mediterranean garden. This scent pays homage to the sheer beauty of nature, conjuring the simple joy of basking in the embrace of a warm, golden sun. "Ethos" opens with an explosion of verdant fig leaves, intertwined with the creaminess of coconut and the milky sap of the fig tree, instantly transporting you to a blossoming orchard. As it evolves, a heart of earthy, woody notes emerges, reminiscent of the rugged foothills of Mt. Olympus. Finally, the fragrance gracefully settles into a warm cedar base, imparting a grounding and comforting sensation. "Ethos" is the quintessence of the Auracle brand, a fragrant ode to the Mediterranean that extends an invitation to savor the sweetness of life and transform each day into something legendary.


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Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Fig Leaves, Fig Tree Sap
  • Middle Notes: Coconut, Green Notes, White Cedar
  • Base Notes: Woody Notes



  • Mediterranean: "Ethos" captures the essence of the Mediterranean, making it ideal for those who love the region's scents.

  • Fig: This fragrance is centered around the lush and ripe aroma of figs.

  • Fresh: It has a fresh and green character, perfect for everyday wear.

  • Earthy: With woody and earthy notes, it evokes the scent of the earth and trees.

  • Nature-Inspired: "Ethos" is inspired by nature and the beauty of the outdoors.

  • Warm: It provides a warm and comforting sensation, like basking in the sun.

  • Fruity: While fig is the star, it also has hints of coconut for a fruity touch.

  • Botanical: This fragrance is reminiscent of a botanical garden in full bloom.

  • Sunny: It exudes a sunny and cheerful disposition, perfect for uplifting moods.

  • Timeless: "Ethos" is a timeless and classic fragrance, suitable for all seasons and occasions.