Cloud - Arianna Grande [Inspired by]

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Elevate your senses to the skies with Ariana Grande's "Cloud." This enchanting fragrance is a journey through dreamy, fluffy clouds, capturing the essence of pure bliss and serenity. "Cloud" opens with a luscious burst of lavender and juicy pear, creating an airy and light introduction. As it unfolds, a heart of creamy coconut and delicate praline emerges, like a sweet embrace from the heavens. The fragrance settles into a warm and sensual base of vanilla orchid and cozy musk, wrapping you in a comforting, cloud-like aura that lasts all day. With "Cloud," Ariana Grande invites you to float above the ordinary and embrace a world of pure, heavenly fragrance.


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Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Lavender, Pear, Bergamot
  • Middle Notes: Coconut, Praline, Vanilla Orchid
  • Base Notes: Musk, Wood, Sandalwood



  • Heavenly: This fragrance evokes a heavenly, ethereal sensation, like floating in the clouds.

  • Sweet Serenity: The notes of coconut, praline, and vanilla orchid create a sweet and serene aura.

  • Airy and Light: The opening notes of lavender and pear give it an airy and light quality.

  • Dreamy Escape: "Cloud" offers a dreamy escape from the ordinary with its unique scent.

  • Lavender Love: Lavender is a prominent note, adding a touch of floral elegance.

  • Creamy Coconut: The heart note of creamy coconut adds a tropical and creamy dimension.

  • Sensual Musk: The base notes of musk and wood provide a sensual and comforting finish.

  • Youthful Elegance: "Cloud" strikes a balance between youthful energy and sophisticated elegance.

  • All-Day Bliss: With a long-lasting aroma, it brings all-day bliss and positivity.

  • Feel-Good Fragrance: "Cloud" is a feel-good fragrance that uplifts your mood and spirit.