Black Opium - Yves Saint Laurent [Inspired by]

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Indulge in the enchanting world of Black Opium [Type] inspired by Yves Saint Laurent, a fragrance that embodies the essence of mystery and seduction. This captivating scent invites you to embrace your inner rebel and embrace the night. Opening with a burst of energizing black coffee, it awakens the senses and sets the stage for a thrilling journey. The heart of the fragrance reveals the delicate sweetness of white flowers, including jasmine and orange blossom, adding a touch of femininity and allure. As the fragrance settles, a warm and addictive blend of vanilla and patchouli emerges, leaving a mesmerizing trail that lingers in the air. Black Opium is a fragrance that exudes confidence and sensuality, making it the perfect companion for those who dare to live on the edge.


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Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Black Coffee
  • Middle Notes: White Flowers, Jasmine, Orange Blossom
  • Base Notes: White Flowers, Jasmine, Orange Blossom


  • Sensual: Black Opium's composition is designed to awaken the senses and evoke a sense of sensuality.
  • Mysterious: This fragrance carries an air of mystery and intrigue, inviting you to explore its captivating depths.

  • Seductive: Black Opium's alluring blend of notes creates a seductive aura that captivates those around you.

  • Addictive: The warm and addictive combination of vanilla and patchouli leaves a lasting impression and draws you in.

  • Energizing: The opening notes of black coffee provide an energizing kick, awakening your senses and setting the stage for the journey ahead.

  • Feminine: The delicate sweetness of white flowers, jasmine, and orange blossom adds a touch of femininity and elegance to the fragrance.

  • Bold: Black Opium is a bold fragrance that embraces your inner rebel, empowering you to make a statement.

  • Nighttime: This fragrance is perfectly suited for the nighttime, embracing the mysterious allure of the dark.

  • Confident: Black Opium instills a sense of confidence, allowing you to embrace your unique individuality and express yourself boldly.

  • Enchanting: With its captivating blend of notes, Black Opium creates an enchanting aura that draws others in, leaving a trail of fascination in your wake.