Back to Black - Kilian [Inspired by]

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Journey into the enchanting world of Back to Black by Kilian, a fragrance that encapsulates the allure of an evocative and mysterious rendezvous. This scent weaves a tale of intense seduction and sensuality, opening with the sweet and fruity embrace of succulent raspberry and juicy peach. Delve deeper into the heart of the fragrance, where rich and intoxicating notes of honey, tobacco, and exotic spices intertwine, creating an enigmatic and complex aroma. As it settles, the warmth of smooth vanilla and earthy patchouli envelops the senses, leaving behind a lingering trail of irresistible elegance and mystery.


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Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Raspberry, Peach
  • Middle Notes: Honey, Tobacco, Exotic Spices
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Patchouli



  • Sultry Seduction: Reflects the fragrance's ability to exude a deeply enticing and captivating allure, inviting sensuality and intrigue.

  • Mysterious Intrigue: Signifies the enigmatic and mysterious aura surrounding the scent, invoking curiosity and fascination.

  • Intimate Elegance: Represents the sophisticated and refined essence that carries an intimate, yet elegant charm.

  • Nocturnal Enchantment: Conjures the image of a captivating, enchanting fragrance suitable for evenings or darker settings.

  • Sensual Mystery: Captures the alluring and mysterious nature of the scent, enveloping one in a sensual and intriguing vibe.

  • Dark Romance: Evokes a feeling of romance intertwined with an element of darkness, adding depth and allure.

  • Glamorous Allure: Describes the luxurious and alluring appeal of the fragrance, ideal for glamorous occasions.

  • Enigmatic Sophistication: Portrays the sophisticated and enigmatic qualities of the scent, lending an air of mystery and refinement.

  • Seductive Noir: Reflects the captivating and seductive elements reminiscent of a noir-themed allure.

  • Elegant Obscurity: Represents the fragrance's combination of elegance and a subtle sense of obscurity, creating a captivating and mysterious vibe.