Rose Noir - Byredo [Inspired by]

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Indulge in the dark and mysterious allure of "Rose Noir" by Byredo, a fragrance that redefines the classic rose with an enigmatic twist. This scent is a captivating journey into the heart of a midnight garden, where velvety roses bloom under a starlit sky. "Rose Noir" opens with a rich burst of Turkish rose petals, setting a seductive tone that lingers like a secret whispered in the night. As it evolves, a heart of delicate violet and bold leather adds complexity, akin to the interplay of light and shadow. The base notes of ebony wood and musk leave a lasting impression, an ode to the enigmatic beauty of a black rose. "Rose Noir" is for those who embrace the mysteries of the night and the timeless elegance of a dark rose.


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Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Turkish Rose Petals
  • Middle Notes: Violet, Leather
  • Base Notes: Ebony Wood, Musk



  • Dark Romance: "Rose Noir" embodies a dark and alluring take on romance, appealing to those who appreciate passion with a twist.

  • Mysterious: This fragrance exudes an air of mystery, making it perfect for individuals who enjoy keeping an aura of intrigue.

  • Velvety Roses: The scent features Turkish rose petals that evoke the luxurious texture of velvet.

  • Seductive: "Rose Noir" is undeniably seductive, perfect for moments of allure and temptation.

  • Enigmatic Twist: With its unique take on the classic rose, this fragrance adds an enigmatic twist to a timeless favorite.

  • Leather Complexity: The heart notes of violet and leather create a complex and intriguing profile.

  • Midnight Garden: It transports you to a midnight garden, where secrets are whispered among the blossoms.

  • Ebony Elegance: The base notes of ebony wood add an element of timeless elegance to the scent.

  • Timeless Beauty: "Rose Noir" celebrates the timeless beauty of roses, reimagined for a modern audience.

  • Starlit Sensation: Like a fragrance under a starlit sky, it's perfect for evenings and special occasions, when the night holds its own allure.