By the Fireplace - Maison Margiela [Inspired by]

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Indulge in the cozy warmth of winter evenings with 'By The Fireplace' by Maison Margiela, a captivating fragrance that captures the essence of crackling flames and the comforting aroma of wood burning. This scent exudes a harmonious blend of smoky and sweet notes, evoking memories of sitting by a crackling fire with hints of roasted chestnuts in the air. The opening notes introduce the smokiness of burning wood and sweet, comforting nuances of chestnut, setting the cozy ambiance. As it unfolds, warm vanilla and spicy clove emerge, adding a soothing richness to the fragrance. By The Fireplace is an olfactory journey, inviting you to embrace the nostalgic warmth of a fireside gathering on a crisp evening.


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Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Orange Blossom
  • Middle Notes: Chestnut, Guaiac Wood
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Peru Balsam



  • Comforting Aura: Reflects the scent's comforting nature, attracting individuals seeking solace and warmth in fragrances akin to a cozy fireplace ambiance.

  • Warm Personality: Draws personalities seeking warmth and intimacy, resonating with the fragrance's cozy and inviting aura.

  • Spicy Accents: Appeals to those fond of fragrances with spicy accords, adding depth and character to the overall scent profile.

  • Smoky Tones: Reflects the smoky essence of the fireplace, appealing to personalities that appreciate rugged and smoky notes in fragrances.

  • Nostalgic Aura: Attracts individuals with a nostalgic inclination, evoking emotions and memories associated with hearthside moments.

  • Sensual Personality: Draws in individuals seeking sensuality and intimacy, appreciating the fragrance's ability to evoke romantic and passionate sentiments.

  • Warm Amber: Appeals to personalities fond of amber-based scents, offering a cozy and comforting feel often associated with amber notes.

  • Cosy Atmosphere: Reflects the fragrance's ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, appealing to those who cherish coziness.

  • Sophisticated Touch: Attracts individuals with a sophisticated taste, appreciating the elegance and refinement of the fragrance's composition.