Lime Basil & Mandarin - Jo Malone [Inspired by]

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mmerse yourself in the vibrant energy of a sun-soaked citrus grove with Lime Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone. This captivating fragrance is a harmonious blend of zesty lime, aromatic basil, and juicy mandarin, creating a scent that is both invigorating and uplifting. The fragrance opens with a burst of tangy lime, its vibrant and zesty notes instantly refreshing your senses. As it evolves, the aromatic allure of basil emerges, adding a touch of herbal sophistication. The heart of the fragrance unveils the succulent sweetness of mandarin, infusing the composition with a burst of juicy citrus. Together, these notes create a dynamic and invigorating fragrance that captures the essence of a sunny summer day. Lime Basil & Mandarin is a scent that exudes radiant positivity, allowing you to embrace the joy and vivacity of life. Experience the lively and refreshing embrace of Lime Basil & Mandarin and let its vibrant spirit energize your every step.


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Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Lime, Mandarin Orange, Bergamot
  • Middle Notes: Basil, Lilac, Thyme
  • Base Notes: Patchouli, Vetiver



  • Citrus: "Lime Basil & Mandarin" is a citrusy fragrance, characterized by vibrant and zesty notes of lime, making it an energizing and refreshing choice.

  • Herbaceous: With basil as a key note, this fragrance has an herbaceous quality that adds a green and aromatic dimension to the scent.

  • Fresh: The combination of citrus and herbal notes creates a fresh and invigorating aroma, perfect for those who enjoy clean and revitalizing scents.

  • Unisex: This fragrance is versatile and suitable for all genders, offering a unisex appeal that caters to a wide range of preferences.

  • Energetic: The zesty lime notes contribute to an energetic and lively character, making it a great choice for those who seek an uplifting fragrance.

  • Modern: "Lime Basil & Mandarin" has a modern and contemporary feel, ideal for individuals who appreciate innovative and trendy scents.

  • Versatile: Its versatility allows it to be worn casually or on special occasions, adapting to different settings and moods.

  • Invigorating: The scent's invigorating quality awakens the senses and provides a burst of energy, making it suitable for daytime wear.

  • Crisp: With its fresh and clean profile, this fragrance has a crispness that gives it a sharp and refreshing edge.

  • Unique: "Lime Basil & Mandarin" offers a unique and distinctive combination of notes, appealing to those who seek a fragrance that stands out from the crowd.